The Maintenance Training Organization under AIESL is a DGCA approved organisation, under CAR 147. AIESL MTO has two groups hence forth referred to as Group A and Group B. The MTO has developed facilities to train personnel of the Engineering Department and conducts training programs in the following areas: -

A. Aviation Oriented Basic Training Programs
(i) Initial Human Factors Training.
(ii) Fuel tank Safety Training.
(iii) Safety Management System Training
(iv) Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems etc.

B. DGCA Approved Airplane Type Licence Courses related to Airframe, Power plant & Avionics systems.>
This training includes theory and practical related to the Aircraft.

C: PIC (pilot in command) pre-flight certification training

D: Continuing /Recurrent /Refresher training programs

E:Aircraft Types Trained at Group B MTO:
Boeing B787,
Boeing B777-200ER/LR/300ER,
Boeing B747-400,
Boeing B737 NG,
A319, A320, A321- at Thiruvananthapuram only.

Group B has 2 Training set ups, one each at Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram.

Apart from training the engineering personnel of AIESL, MTO conducts training programs for Air India Limited, Air-India charters Limited, Air India Regional and customized aviation maintenance training for other agencies like Civil Aviation Department of Govt. of India, vendors and other Airlines.

Event List

  • Autoland Refresher for B-737 NG on June 20th 2018 at TRV
  • Fuel Tank Safety Course (CDCCL) on June 20th 2018 at MAA
  • EWIS Familiarization Training for Aircraft Maintenance (Mechanical) Personnel on June 21st 2018 at MAA
  • EWIS Familiarization Training for Aircraft Maintenance (Mechanical) Personnel on June 25th 2018 at TRV
  • Human Factors Refresher Training on June 26th 2018 at TRV
  • Fuel Tank Safety Refresher Course on June 27th 2018 at TRV
  • SMS Course for AMEs / Engineers (Support Services) on June 28th 2018 at TRV
  • B-737 NG General Familiarization Training (Five Days) : July 2nd 2018 – July 6th 2018 at TRV